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Project Description
Windows Live Contacts API for .NET was created for C# .NET developers who wish to call Windows Live Contacts APIs based on REST.

The Windows Live Contacts API for .NET project, hides all the cumbersome code needed for accessing the REST APIs, and helps developers focus on CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations on Live contacts by using simple C# .NET code.
Most of the work in this project was figuring out how to correctly use Windows Live Contacts API - Beta 1.0
This project fixes syntax issues, mostly capital letter VS lowercase letters used in the various URL examples.
It exposes a hidden offer, that for some reason doesn't appear on the Windows Live Contacts API site: The offer needed for deleting is NOT Contacts.Update
but ContactsSync.FullSync !

At this stage not all of the capabilities of the Windows Live Contacts API are exposed, but most of them are. And, if you ask nicely I'll be happy to add some more according to developers' needs ;-)

Currently supported operations include:
  • Get a collection:
    1. LiveContacts (including all information of the user, owner info, related contacts, locations, URIs and tags)
    2. Phones per contact
    3. Tags for user
  • CRUD a contact
  • CRUD a contacts' single phone entry or a single email entry (this limitation is imposed by Windows Live Contacts API )
  • Get Owner information

Well, give it a try and don't forget to let me know if you like it ;-)

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