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Since the Windows Live Contacts API is based on REST, meaning that the all of the request/response is done using XML files, I had to write serialization and de-serialization utilities for dealing with the XMLs.
One of the biggest achievements was figuring out how to properly use the XML schema published in the Windows Live Contacts API to create serializable C# classes.
This was done by using the "Paste XML as Types" option added by a plugin for Visual studio 2008, which comes as part of: WCF REST Starter Kit Preview 2. This plugin is great for transforming raw XML's into serializable classes, BUT, you need to make sure your XML is designed according to your needs. What I mean by that is that simply taking the result XML returned from the Windows Live Contacts API and creating the Classes, isn't enough. I had to hand modify the XML, and make sure that wherever there are repeatable items (according to the schema) those items exist.

At this point if you haven't had a look at Windows Live Contacts API - Beta 1.0, please do so and try to get an idea of the APIs exposed by Windows Live Contacts API.

This project relies on the fact that you have a hosted web site which takes care of the delegated authentication (out of scope for this project), see: Windows Live ID Delegated Authentication SDK for Application Providers
You can get a taste of how stuff works at this site: User Data Interactive SDK

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